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Humanity’s last hope may be man’s best friend.”

What if in rejection of humanity all manner of beast began to revolt against man, roaring and walking upright on their hind legs, capable of logic, reason and murder? Amassing in unfathomable numbers while executing primal warfare tactics onto an unsuspecting human population. When men fail to prepare against the onslaught of the wild, they turn to their best friend the dog. What better guardians than a Dog? A pack of them. This story follows a pack of Canidae hunters as they try to help their human counterparts survive a world set on shaking them off its back. Can these dogs domesticate themselves long enough to get the job done, or will they too answer the call of the wild and turn on their masters as well?



Landslide is a growing series I am actively working on. I recently made this series available in web comic and will be releasing each issue through there. LANDSLIDE issues will still be available in the traditional printings as well as digital, but if web comics are your jam, then jam on over to here:



Landslide is one of the many names given to the giant earthen ones– those that slumber as our hills and mountains. Those who roamed Earth long before recorded history and continued to exist in the wake of mankind. The Colossus, if disturbed, possesses the power to bring down entire civilizations. “Pachamama” and “Green John” are two different types of these Earth elementals from different periods in antiquity. “LANDSLIDE roots” tells the tales of these two legendary monsters, their paths of destruction and the legends they left behind.

SPACE award finalist; Landslide Roots, is where it all began for the Landslide saga. This 3 part mini series that was published in the pages of Headshrinkers press, has now been collected into it’s own book. Piece together the checkered past of the earth devil phenomena starting with this strange tome.

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LANDSLIDE #1 (Cursed Ground)

Its the late 1800’s somewhere in the isthmus of Panama and Obeah man Cecil Fern has found himself unemployed, thousands of miles from home and in possession of an Earth Monster aptly nicknamed ‘Big Boy’. Landslide begs the question “If you could control your own monster who would die first?”

This is issue 1 of the 6 part series that follows Cecil and Big Boy on their Monster romp through the Isthmus of panama, waging war on his previous employer The Panama Canal Co.

Landslide Issue 1 Print

Landslide Issue 1 Digital (Comixology) 


is an anthology in which I have a few short stories in. You can also find the LANDSLIDE Roots printed compilation here as well

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This is a three part mini series I wrote for Crazy Monkey Ink. Deathsquad Zero was created in the mind of Gabriel (Ol Raz) Ramirez who graciously let me write the first two issues of the series. It has been an honor to rummage through his brain.

Crazy Monkey Ink



Ratchet City is a series about a dying city, a dark heart, Innocence lost and justice, bloody justice. I am publishing this beautifully action packed series through Crazy Monkey Ink and as a an online web series.