Summer 2017

Not sure about the swath of earth you inhabit, but It has been one beautiful summer under my skies. It is these warm breezy days that urge me out of my dark den of writing and into the sunshine (insert hissing here). Sports, pools, parks and smoking grills dominate these lazy days of June and July, well into September, but that does not stop my writing. Actually being out in nature only fuels the writing machine that I have become. LOTS of amazing things on the horizon!


Gabriel ‘OL RAZ‘ Ramirez, owner of the brilliantly independent label “CRAZY MONKEY INK” has opened his Occipital Cortex for me rummage around in. What resulted is the 3 part mini series “DEATHSQUAD ZERO“. Thank you, Gabe! Your concepts and characters were literally a blast to write. His creations, my writings and artistic contributions with names like Gaspare Orrico, Mervin Gadaingan and Mike Montalvo, make each page worthy of being ripped from its spine and splattered on your living room wall.

In short; Deathsquad Zero is about a group of shifty mercenaries with Zero losses. They are the go to guys, when the go to guys go rogue. Mr Lee, Mr. Williams and Mr. Roper make up this unethical crew of bad breath, bullet flinging, madmen.


Crazy Monkey Ink is also the wheel-man to my new dark action series RATCHET CITY‘. Ratchet City is a series about a dying city, a dark heart, Innocence lost and justice, bloody justice. I am on the verge of releasing this through publisher Crazy Monkey Ink and through the Ratchet City website;


If that’s not enough to keep me chewing the cud, I am also knee deep in LANDSLIDE issue 2. I switched it up a little on this story and brought in ax-man Maxim Mel to hack and splat his pencils and inks across its pages. I have to tell you, i’m not regretting this decision one bit. The Russian born, one man band is bringing out the real horror in this series, while still maintaining tradition with the previous Landslide stories. This action packed issue follows Ferdinand and his angry mob as they pursue the Landslide monster through the Isthmus of Panama with torches, hounds and a belly full of rage. All the while the wounded Cecil fights for his very life while watched over by his loyal Earth Golem. If you would like to keep updated on this series via Newsletter, shoot me an email to and I will put you on the mailer.


My convention touring and book signings have taken to pale ales and hammocks for July and August, but will return for one last Con of the year at Tri-Con in Evansville Indiana in September ( I plan to add a couple in store signings as well before the end of the year, but don’t have solid dates as of yet. Stay tuned to this blog or hit me up via social media for books, schwag, appearance dates, or whatever else I may pull out of the inter-dimensional fabric of the universe .

2017 Green spring tour

Can you smell it in the air? No, it’s not the influenza or the GI virus that you perceive. its life! And my 2017 con schedule.

We kick off the year March 25th at SPACE in Columbus OH. it will be here that that I officially release LANDSLIDE Cursed ground! I will be giving away a poster along with book sales. So if you’re in Ohio and want to see what the underground comic movement looks like, come to SPACE Small Press And Creator Expo.

April 7-9th we Grace the beautiful ConGlomeration with our presence in the beautiful Louisville KY for a weekend buffet of juicy fantasy and sci fi genre comics!

What are you doing Earth Day? Come help resurrect an earth Giant. Seems appropriate, right? We kick off Earth Day on April 22nd with a Landslide signing at Time Warp Comics in Eastgate Ohio. Come get a great earthy story and a free poster!

May 26th – 28th we spend the weekend in Traverse City Michigan at Cherry Capital Comic Con (C4)! This is an amazing weekend with your comic book family at a beautiful resort on Lake Michigan. Come see me and my Headshrinker Amigo Landon and get a colorful swath of literature.

This is what is set in stone for the first half of our year this year. If you are anywhere along this stretch of touring come out and see us! As we secure more con and bookstore appearances I will be posting them here on my blog as well as my facebook page. See you all on the road!

A Landslide cometh

And behind him out of the darkness comes the earth itself to swallow me whole”

The Landslide series is a fun piece I have been creating for several years now. To see something that was once merely a vision finally materialize, is an incredible feeling. This story has become a catalyst for my writing because I can tell a myriad of different tales using the Landslide universe as the ever looming background. The setting of this series is one of myth, witchcraft, legends and lore. In reading this you will soon find that I love to intertwine lacing of history and culture into the landslide series, saturating the very core of these tomes with it.

During the beginning of 2016 I wrapped up the 3 part mini series (Landslide Roots) that preludes issue one. Landslide Roots is released as a 3 part mini series in 3 issues of Headshrinkers Press presents and also combined into its own book, which include additional fan art and concept art not originally released. These Roots stories explore past encounters of Landslide throughout antiquity and gradually give a lead into issue 1. I had originally planned on releasing issue one by end of 2016, but the release date has been pushed back to March of 2017. I will be attending SPACE con in Columbus March 25th & 26th for the Landslide official book release. If you are in the area come pick up a signed copy as well as some dank Landslide swag. In the meantime we plan on releasing the 3rd installment of Landslide Roots, via free to read web comic on the Headshrinkers website starting January and immediately launching the Landslide Kickstarter in February. Busy first half of the year already!!

Check out my published works here on my website and keep up with other projects I am currently chipping away on, ciao!