For those about to comic…

Comics have gotten me through some pretty tough times. Maybe it’s the fantastic, thought provoking stories that allows me to liberate my head from this world, or to paint my own multiverse with. I am very good at drifting away into my cranial hideaway and creating. Why comics though? For me It is one of THEE best forms of storytelling, teetering perfectly between literature and art. Not only that, but it also gives multiple creators the chance to get involved in a story through collaborating, which may very well be my favorite aspect to creating. There is something great about multiple minds coming together in unison to create a thing. I feel its then that it truly comes alive, pulsating with a little piece of all of them. This is one of the reasons I don’t think I will ever look at comics as my “job”, because comics will always be my “passion”. That and it doesn’t pay enough. When writing, creating or producing, I always approach comics as an escape for someone else as well. I’m not looking to push an agenda or a belief system on anyone. I am looking to simply provoke thought and to cultivate a “What if” in the minds of my readers. Maybe I can trigger a spark of weirdness and above all else tell great stories that have nothing to do with us.

Being a small independent comic writer and creator makes it hard for me to get my stories out in front of you, the reader. I don’t have a marketing team or pressing crowds awaiting my next morsel of goodness to drop from my crumby fingers into your gasping mouths. So sometimes I have to sacrifice any aspirations of turning a profit and make this all about that dreaded word “exposure”. So what does that mean for you? Quite a bit actually, because I am about to drip drop semi-precious links of blessings into your eye holes!

What’s the saying “the best comes to those who wait”? I feel maybe some simulance of that may be true with the PACKHOUNDS comics. It’s taken a lot of drafting, writing, designing, sketching, drinking and cussing to get PACKHOUNDS to come to fruition. This is tale of mankind losing its hold on the earth as animals begin to rise up against them. But humans have a natural guardian that has lived alongside of us and become our best friend; The Dog. They too have began to spontaneously evolve but still show a bond with us and have taken up as our protectors against the onslaught of the wild. Will we return the favor when the battle rages or will we treat them as mere meat shields? 


At the time of drafting this Blog, me and Daniel Sguiglia are 9 pages away from having the pencils and inks completed for PACKHOUNDS issue one. then off to Damian Peñalba for coloring and then over to Micah Myers for the Letters and right on track for a 2018 release. This issue will contain two chapters which bleed together perfectly. Want to start reading now? leads you directly to the webcomic site. We update every Wednesday morning.



LANDSLIDE is another active webcomic I have going and it updates every Thursday and Sunday. LANDSLIDE is an earthy title I have been organically growing for a couple years now about dark magic and green monsters. You can reap its harvest at


I have all 3 of the LANDSLIDE Roots stories over there and I am currently releasing the pages to LANDSLIDE issue one “Cursed Ground” as we speak. This is a fantasy/horror story about an earth elemental who keeps attacking a dig site at the initial building of the Panama Canal, set in the late 1800’s. With LANDSLIDE I try to keep a very classic, antique, monstrous feel to it. AC RIllo, Bolaji Olaloye Michael Neno and Micah Meyers have done an earth shattering job on the first four stories (3 Landslide Roots mini series and Landslide Cursed Ground), and now I give a new set of artist the reigns to this earth devil. Maxim Mel is in his natural environment when it comes to keeping this series true to its fundamentals and that’s exactly why I brought him on. His style fairly balances out my heavy fantasy writing with a perfect weight of horror and intrigue. Maxim is born and bred in Novobrosik Russia. He has a cat named Lutzia, craves shrimp, hates salted foods, loves to chug Wychwood beer and Favors late night dips in the nearby lake during those hot, Russian winter months. LANDSLIDE issue 2 is currently in production will also be available in print, digital and webcomic release updates.


For me, Crazy Monkey Ink was one of the publishers that set the high bar for amazing underground and Independent comics. So when Gabriel “Ol Raz” Ramirez, owner/founder of the label let me write the Deathsquad Zero Mini series, I dove in head first. What resulted was 3 fantastic issues that are currently available at: We have been in talks for further issues and I already have an idea storm brewing in the ‘ol noggin, so stay tuned for more from me, Crazy Monkey Ink and this barrel blazing series.  


I could go on and on with other projects I am working on or contemplating. I am very driven. Maybe to the point of obsession with creating comics and bringing stories out of my head into the realm of reality. When I think of where I was at just 5 years ago still hesitating to embark on my first book, I am so glad I ignored that right brain logic and did it anyway! I know there are others out there considering creating a story that has been stomping and snorting to get out of their head like a Rhino in a comic shop. I know you are considering the cost and time and if you will be reimbursed for it. You won’t. At least not for awhile anyway or in the monetary sense. I’m still not there nor even close to it probably. But nothing compares to the feeling of creating something potentially great. You have to look at it as something you’re doing not for profit, not doing for others, but solely for yourself and it will be then that you create something grand. It is an investment in your imagination. There will be very few times in your life that you feel the way you do when you physically hold your first printed book. Something that was one day just a spark in your mind will become a fire. Take a first step towards creation, your inner child will thank you.

For those about to comic, we salute you.