About me

This is where my thoughts, ideas and deviations fester and froth over into the material world. A place for all my little monsters to converge. In other words, here is my blog.

“Writer, creator, dreamer, Pleasure seeker, aspiring slacker.” That’s how my Instagram bio reads. Pretty much sums me up I guess, minus the aspiring slacker part. That’s something I am still “Aspiring” to obtain. Man do I miss those lazy days of my younger teenage years. living day to day with no real blood pressure fluctuations and without a care if the whole world burned down. But as we get older and caught up in the wave of madness our society inherits down to us, we find those luxurious, softly laden hours slowly absorbed with career, spouse and or family time. Leaving a very little crevice of time to enjoy our personal passions or pursuits. This blog serves as a window into one of those crevices of my personal pursuits… writing and creating.

As a young’n I always had my face buried in a comic or book and would try to emulate those authors and artist that moved my young imagination. I spent a lot of time in my head. During those not so easy going parts of childhood It provided a place to escape, a place to design and contemplate when the real world became too over bearing or oppressing.

The same still rings true today. I am still escaping to those places in my head, that are often more lustrous and vibrant than the mundane world around me. this blog has provided a place for me to share, spew and materialize all of it in one place. Well, that’s the goal anyways.

If you so desire to contact me, please do so at: