Eggs and ketchup

If you’re reading this then that means the last trick or treater has been treated, the last turkey leg has been sucked off the bone, the last gift shredded and discarded on the living room floor, the last bottle of the year has been popped and it is officially 2018!!! It also means I achieved the simplistic yet reasonable goal I have set for myself at the beginning of 2017. I dedicated to making a blog post for every quarter of 2017 and this officially marks the completion of that goal, as this is my last installment for 2017!! But don’t celebrate yet! I have made a new New years resolution to continue blogging in 2018, for every month of the year! That’s right! I am about to pollute your eye-holes for 12 months with 12  ridiculous post that are sure to make you say “wtf”.

Lets reflect on 2017 for a moment. It was a productive year for me, filled with a lot of changes and turbulence in my personal life. 2017 was the year in which I laid the foundation of many things I want to build upon. The centerpiece being my comic creating. Some time ago I created a self publishing label named Headshrinkers Press as a vehicle to get my comics into the eyes, hands and hearts of readers. It grew pretty quickly and we attracted a lot of attention. But I found myself doing more publishing work for other creators and very little, if any of my own. That’s when I knew I needed to revisit what i originally set out to do; CREATE MY OWN COMICS! I found myself at a crossroad. I could either put all my resources and energy into being a publisher or a writer/creator. I learned very quickly that it is incredibly hard, almost impossible, to do both successfully. There are a lot of small label publishers appearing as fast as they disappear and there are also some thriving because they are doing what they set out to do. It is important to know what you want to do in the wonderful world of comics and have a plan to execute it, as with any endeavor. It is very easy to be swayed off course and your attention divided to the four winds with the modern DIY landscape of comics. This is why teamwork is almost crucial in creating a professional production. Plan, focus, execute. This realization was the reason I downsized my small press and scaled it back to me focusing and creating my own books. Me and my partner Landon Faulkner both had the same goal in mind when we began creating and publishing comics publicly, and we both made the decision to revisit that goal and continue pursuing that dream while still using Headshrinkers Press as a way to publish. It was this decision that allowed me the freedom to get back to my books. I spent 2017 working on three amazing titles (Landslide, Packhounds and Ratchet City), and will spend 2018 launching, promoting, kickstarting and publishing those titles.  

Which brings me to an important announcement for the Headshrinkers Press label. In an effort to get in front of a wider audience and stay true to ourselves as writer/creators, we have officially imprinted with Crazy Monkey Ink!! I have worked closely with founder Gabriel ‘Ol Raz’ Ramirez for several years now and have watched this label grow by leaps and bounds. Gabe is truly in touch with his skill set as a producer/publisher and this label is on the rise because of it. I truly believe this merger will only result in positive synergy for everyone. Crazy Monkey Ink and Headshrinkers Press are meant for each other, like scrambled eggs and ketchup.

Another exciting announcement for Headshrinkers Press is that we currently have two of our titles nominated for an award!!! Landon Faulkner’s “RIGHT ON TIME” and my title “LANDSLIDE Issue 1 (Cursed Ground)” are both finalist for the 2017 S.P.A.C.E. Awards!! This is truly exciting for us as a small press and is the fuel that keeps us creating more great stories. Last year LANDSLIDE Roots and Glen Reaper were also nominated, so make sure to check all of these award nominated titles!!! Also make sure to check out the S.P.A.C.E. (Small Press And Creator Expo) in Columbus Ohio. This is probably one of the greatest conventions I have ever attended that truly cater to the small independent creator. 

As always, thanks for reading. If you enjoy my works, even in the slightest, I would love to hear from you. You know, just so I know someone is actually reading this stuff. You can write to me via email (, comment on this blog, or Facebook stalk me. Until my next ramble; Comic on!