A Landslide cometh

And behind him out of the darkness comes the earth itself to swallow me whole”

The Landslide series is a fun piece I have been creating for several years now. To see something that was once merely a vision finally materialize, is an incredible feeling. This story has become a catalyst for my writing because I can tell a myriad of different tales using the Landslide universe as the ever looming background. The setting of this series is one of myth, witchcraft, legends and lore. In reading this you will soon find that I love to intertwine lacing of history and culture into the landslide series, saturating the very core of these tomes with it.

During the beginning of 2016 I wrapped up the 3 part mini series (Landslide Roots) that preludes issue one. Landslide Roots is released as a 3 part mini series in 3 issues of Headshrinkers Press presents and also combined into its own book, which include additional fan art and concept art not originally released. These Roots stories explore past encounters of Landslide throughout antiquity and gradually give a lead into issue 1. I had originally planned on releasing issue one by end of 2016, but the release date has been pushed back to March of 2017. I will be attending SPACE con in Columbus March 25th & 26th for the Landslide official book release. If you are in the area come pick up a signed copy as well as some dank Landslide swag. In the meantime we plan on releasing the 3rd installment of Landslide Roots, via free to read web comic on the Headshrinkers website starting January and immediately launching the Landslide Kickstarter in February. Busy first half of the year already!!

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